Unichem Chemicals

April 5, 2021 , Chemicals

Unichem chemicals is a world leader in the chemical and pharmaceuticals sectors of the chemical industry. It is one of the leading makers of industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and related materials. The company produces a wide range of hazardous materials for various uses. Unichem works through a series of four main processes that it follows to manufacture medicines, detergents, plastics and textiles, among others.

Unichem works through the use of its own unique system to provide chemical materials to its manufacturing plants that are safe to work with. These chemicals are used to manufacture detergents and plastics that go into a wide range of industries. The detergents are also used to clean carpets and floors in commercial establishments. The materials are also used in laboratories and industrial settings to create medicines that are essential for treating skin disorders such as eczema.

Another important area where Unichem chemicals find application is in the textile industry. Textile manufacturers use these chemicals in a wide range of processes. Some of these chemicals are required in the creation of synthetic dyes that are used to manufacture clothes. Other chemicals are also used in the production of polyester fiber.

The third major sector where Unichem chemicals find application is in the area of cosmetics. This sector requires the use of many chemicals. The most commonly used chemical in this sector is sodium hydroxide. Other commonly used chemicals in the cosmetics industry are fragrance, pigments and dyes.

Unichem chemicals has an array of technologies that are used for the manufacture of a range of other chemicals and solutions. Some of these technologies are Thermal oxidation, sorbent generation and chemical positioning. All these technologies help in the manufacture of a huge variety of products and solutions. They are used in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industries to produce drugs, medicines, formulations, hormones, anti-fungal drugs and other medicines.

Unichem chemicals have over the years acquired a lot of recognition around the world. In the US alone Unichem chemicals has over five hundred patents listed. A majority of the pharmaceutical companies have started relying on Unichem chemicals for the production of their medicines. Unichem supplies all of its products to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. This ensures a consistent high quality of chemical that is produced at consistent rates. Apart from drugs and medicines Unichem also provides material for the design and development of new materials that can be used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.