Unichem Chemicals – From Chemical Materials to Oil Refining

February 17, 2022 , Chemicals

Unichem Chemicals are world leaders in the production of chemical products, including petrochemicals and cleaning solutions. Their products are commonly used in the automotive industry, the mining industry, the defense industry, and the building and construction industries. Among other uses, they are used for cosmetics and cleaning machinery. Sodium hydroxide, a chemical used in cleaning water and washing cars, is one of the most widely used in cosmetics. Other chemical products include pigments, fragrances, dyes, and other building materials.

The Unichem database offers the following sources: src_compound_id, compound name, processing method, and CAS number. For each source, an src_compound_ii can be generated and a mapping returned for the compound is created. In many cases, the same src_compound_iod is used for multiple sources. These are the most commonly used standards.

Listed on their own page in the Unichem web interface, Unichem sources can be searched by name, process, or chemical property. In addition to the src_id, a source can also be accessed via a base URL. The Unichem chemical database is accessed through a web service. This web service returns a list of valid src_ids. The API can also return detailed information for each source.

Markstat is a common colourant used in the coating of unsaturated polyesters and polyurethanes. This chemical is resistant to ambering and chalking. Available in two forms, Markstat AL-44 is intended for the rigid PVC compounds. Unislip 1753 is a slip agent for polyolefin films. It has a 99% amide content and is mainly used in the manufacture of rigid PVC compounds.

Unichem has developed web services to provide easy access to chemical sources. In addition to creating and manufacturing products, the company offers a wide range of chemical services. In addition to manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical and food products, Unichem is involved in many other industries. Its diverse product portfolio makes it a popular choice among industrialists. Its innovative approach and patented technologies have earned the company a high reputation in the chemical industry.

The company provides a variety of products for the plastics industry. The company’s product lines include synthetic resins, synthetic fabrics, and polyester fiber. Its R&D facilities are well equipped to support these industries. Throughout the years, Unichem Chemicals has expanded its capabilities in the plastics industry, focusing on developing innovative products and services. The streamlined operations and user-friendly interface have helped the company gain recognition in the chemical industry.

To make searching UniChem chemicals easy, users can use their official website or a web interface. The web interface is user-friendly and allows for searches with structures, Standard InChIs, and Standard InChIKeys. Using the web interface, users can search for polymers using any of these resources. When it comes to creating databases, Unichem is an excellent choice. Its extensive content enables researchers to develop and maintain high-quality chemical databases.