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Anything that consists of a solid or semi-solid substance is called a Chemical. It normally includes liquid, solid, and gases. A chemical compound is composed of 2 or more chemicals that can change form reacting to external stimuli like heat, light, and pressure. Unichem Chemicals is a world leader in both chemicals and petrochemicals industries.


Exposure to chemical compounds, whether in the environment or to humans, can be either dangerous or have the possibility of being dangerous depending on the degree of exposition.


Unichem Chemicals supply the rail industry in the areas of electrical and mechanical cleaning. Train and tram operating companies, network and infrastructure suppliers and service facilities of all types rely on the best chemical products to get their job completed.


Whether ensuring crockery and cutlery cleaning for the first time from a dishwasher, getting rid of tinge or dart and stink from furniture and floors, or preventing drains from becoming blocked Unichem Chemicals has all the solutions.


Metal fabrication, mining, automotive industry, and defense sector rely on Unichem Chemicals in any kind of maintenance of machinery or washing mechanism. Keeping the workplace clean is a part of production machinery that needs to be kept in the right way with the right products.


Another area where Unichem Chemicals are used is related to cosmetics which requires lots of chemicals. Of all the chemicals, sodium hydroxide is commonly used in cosmetics production process. Other commonly used chemicals in the industry are pigments, fragrances, and dyes.

Earlier, a larger number of chemicals were used in the process of synthesis action of chemicals. This often implied accidental discoveries and the resulting incineration of new chemical compounds to produce a finished product. Thus, there was a rewarding discovery that refers to the development by which chemicals become useful when exposed to environmental conditions. It creates complimentary circumstances for their transformation into helpful products.


From chemical materials to oil refining, the application of Unichem Chemicals is equally fruitful. Not only that, in producing paints, varnishes, and building materials, these chemicals are effective.


Textile industry is another important field where Unichem Chemicals where the manufacturers make use of the chemicals in a wide range. They are necessary for the creation of artificial dyes used to produce clothes. Some chemicals are also used in the fabrication of polyester fiber.


Unichem Chemicals have an array of technologies that are used for manufacturing a range of other chemicals and solutions. Some of these technologies are thermal oxidation, sorbent generation, and chemical positioning.


These technologies serve as the basis of manufacturing many products in medicines, drugs, formulations, anti-fungal drugs, and other medications.


Unichem Chemicals have gained a lot of recognition across the world because of their complete cleaning solution and making various products.